At Norton Dental we provide orthodontic treatment for children, adolescents as well as adults. Our dental professionals offer orthodontic services such as: Invisalign, Self-ligating brackets, Metal Braces and software to acheive the smile you have always dreamed of. 

With 3D imaging, our orthodontic software can provide our patients a glance into the future by viewing a digital progression of their treatment. Our patients love that we offer effective treatment that is both efficient and affordable. 

Orthodontics is a dental specialty used to diagnose, treat and correct improper bites and teeth alignment. Orthodontic treatment is available through a selection of successful methods such as Damon Braces, Lingual Braces, Invisalign, Traditional Braces or Clear Braces.

The different types of dental braces help cater to the individual needs and concerns of our diverse patients. Some patients wish to improve their smile without the use of metal brackets and wires. Invisalign provides these patients with an easy, comfortable and aesthetic means of straightening their teeth.

Dental braces procedures are commonly performed here at Norton Dental Vaughan. Our dentists provide comfortable, constructive orthodontic treatment from simple to complex cases in the most aesthetic way possible. Orthodontic treatment time will vary depending on the severity of each case. Patient cooperation is also required to keep the orthodontic treatment on track. 

Dental braces procedures are one of our most popular treatments here at Norton Dental Vaughan. Depending of the complexity of each case, orthodontic treatment time may vary. In order for treatment to remain on track, patient cooperation is required and appreciated.

Whether via dental braces or invisalign, Norton Dental Vaughan beleives that the goal of orthodontic treatment is to make our patients lives easier and more convenient. We provide conservative treatment options and refrain from tooth extraction whenever possible.

Dental braces pain may include some slight tenderness when an orthodontic device is first applied to the teeth. This will only last a day or two while you teeth adjust to the small degrees of pressure.

Orthodontics cost is determined by the complexity of each case and the materials used. Norton Dental Vaughan provides orthodontics for adults, teens and children. Orthodontics prices are sometimes covered by dental insurance companies. Our office regularly offers Invisalign specials and dental braces promotions for more affordable treatment options.


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